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Trojan exports bubble tea raw materials, ingredients globally, including the USA, Singapore, Thailand, etc. We aim to be the leading global catering service, providing exceptional support and expertise in all operations.

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Trojan Syrup Service Introduction

Based in Taiwan, Trojan Food Stuff Co., Ltd. is a Syrup supplier and manufacturer in Bubble tea raw materials Industry.

Our efficiency warehouse, logistic service and sale network support us succeed in serving over 10,000 clients in Taiwan and worldwide. Additionally, we can customize our product depending on our client request, support shop operation and beverage recipe.

Trojan has been offering customers high-quality Tapioca Pearls, Tea, Syrup, Coffee Bean, Beverage Powder, Frozen Toppings since 1960, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Trojan ensures each customer's demands are met.

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  • Trojan Food Stuff Co., Ltd. is a professional beverages and bubble tea ingredients supplier for over 50 years and has strong export experience. Our efficiency warehouse, distribution, over 500 products, R&D and Quality control team and export solution, help us provide one-step service to our clients which want to operation a bubble tea shop. Also, we can customized our products depending request or different country food regulation.

  • Flavor Syrup
    Flavor Syrup

    Flavor syrup is a convenient product for franchise beverage store, reduce cooking fruit time and manpower cost, standardized flavor and quality, easy export to different country. We offer over 40 kind flavor syrup, package spec both 20kg/barrel and 2.5kg/bottle for different type clients. Suitable for fruit tea, flavor sparkling water, shaved ice and ice smoothies.

  • Canned Grass Jelly
    Canned Grass Jelly

    Grass Jelly is a kind of topping which adding in shaved ice, milk tea and tofu pudding. It can also be served as a dessert and be added syrup to set off the bitter taste. In our commercial food manufacturing process, fairy grass liquid pouring into can and treated in sterilization process (over 105°C), which can preserve 1 year and keep fresh during ocean shipping. End users easy to make grass jelly only adding starch and cooking. Minimum order quantity is 1 carton, you can combine other bubble tea ingredients and full container load.

  • Flavor Coconut Jelly
    Flavor Coconut Jelly

    Trojan Food Stuff Co., Ltd. supply over 10sku Coconut Jelly products and provide customized service to our clients. Preserved 1 year in dry storage for exportation. Minimum order quantity is 1 carton, if you need combine other bubble tea ingredients and full container load, please contact us.

  • Brown Sugar Ginger Syrup / Longan Honey Syrup
    Brown Sugar Ginger Syrup / Longan Honey Syrup

    Brown sugar Ginger and longan (bottle) are popular syrups used in bubble tea and hot drink. If you are looking for some unique flavors to create beverages, we are one of the best manufacturers of bubble tea ingredients and keep provide innovative hot drink syrup choices and that help drive your business success.

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